918 Bathurst | Labyrinth Ontario Fundraiser Event
918 Bathurst | An Arts and Culture Sanctuary in Toronto's Annex Neighbourhood. We offer unique, highly cost-effective rental packages for: Weddings and Celebrations, Theatrical, Dance, and Music Rehearsals, Corporate and Non-Profit Events, Workshops, Conferences and Seminars, Markets and Trade Shows, Visual Art Exhibitions
Labyrinth Ontario, 918 Bathurst
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Studio 180 in Development

Studio 180 IN DEVELOPMENT gives Canadian theatre creators a helping hand as they develop new works exploring provocative social and political issues. We provide creators the time, space and support required to bring burgeoning ideas to the stage.


Our 2017/18 participants are:

Paul Dunn • Cynthia Hicks • Alison Lawerence • Stephen Orlov • Amy Rutherford • Norman Yeung


All October 2017 readings will be held at 918 Bathurst.



Thursday, October 5 @ 7PM • Mortified by Amy Rutherford

Friday, October 20 @ 7PM • This Great City, by Paul Dunn



Wednesday, October 4 @ 11AM • Birthmark by Stephen Orlov

Wednesday, October 11 @ 11AM • Apple by Cynthia Hicks