918 Bathurst | Culture, Arts, Media & Education Centre
918 Bathurst | An Arts and Culture Sanctuary in Toronto's Annex Neighbourhood. We offer unique, highly cost-effective rental packages for: Weddings and Celebrations, Theatrical, Dance, and Music Rehearsals, Corporate and Non-Profit Events, Workshops, Conferences and Seminars, Markets and Trade Shows, Visual Art Exhibitions
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918 Bathurst: An arts and culture sanctuary in Toronto’s Annex Neighbourhood

Current Events

April 13-14 at 918 Bathurst–The Apology Project

After a month of incubation at 918 Bathurst, we are pleased to be hosting a limited showing of The Apology Project at 918 Thursday April 13 and Friday April 14.

The Apology Project is presented by pounds per square inch performance and features Gerry Trentham and Kevin Ormsby.

Tickets are available here

Our Space in Action

Check out the great photos and video below to see our Great Hall and the rest of our space at 918 Bathurst in action:

Interested in renting our space, or partnering with us?

Some of Our Partners